TSE understands technology. We understand the language you speak. Our custom solutions help your organization mentor and create teams that boost productivity and enhance efficiency. Be it need-based, product-specific technology, our unique tailor-made approach makes your Learning and transformation process, a very happy transition.

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We also support organizations in designing and implementing Learning roadmaps based on a diagnosis conducted by our technology domain and training experts.

At TSE, we take the ever-changing industry requirements into consideration and ensure that the most relevant training is delivered in a cost-effective way. Our expertise ranges across different areas including but not limited to

Consulting Methodology

Client Engagement is a comprehensive process. TSE’s consulting methodology is a testimony to the high-quality services we provide. Our Training Need Analysis is based on a coherent diagnosis. We identify particular challenges that we may come across and ensure that necessary steps are taken while designing the course structure so that the desired beneficial outcomes are achieved.

Our expertise is 100 man-year-old and our methodology over these years has only improved and refined to suit your requirements. It is a proven approach that we use specialist knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients.


TSE strives to maintain the highest quality standards right from the first contact with the client to the end of the delivery of the last module of the training. Our highly quality-conscious professional teams make sure that the training delivery process is carried out with zero deviations from the standards that TSE has set for itself. We ensure that the right kind of training is imparted in the right method and within the set timelines. We are fast marching towards ISO and CMM assessments.

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