Workshop On BigData With Hadoop Ecosystem

Professional Workshop on SCALA Programming with APACHE SPARK

Start Date: March 24, 2018

Timings: 9 AM – 1 PM

Saturday – Sunday

Duration: 24 hours of learning experience across 6 classes

Presenting the professional workshop on Scala Programming. This is a weekend only program designed on providing a deep dive into Scala programming with Apache Spark.

What will you learn?

  • Introduction To SPARK Architecture
  • SPARK and YARN integration
  • SPARK Vs MapReduce
  • Introduction to Scala Programming
  • Scala : Conditions, Loops and Classes
  • Scala: Variables, Strings & Arrays
  • Scala: Objects & Exception Handling
  • Scala: Traits, Collections & Pattern Matching
  • Scala: Functions & Arguments

Who can attend?

  • Professionals who have been working on any programming language and seeking to jump onto a new age programming language.
  • Beginners with knowledge on any programming language and seeking to start careers into a cloud and programming.

How is this workshop different?

  • Designed and delivered by professional mentor with good expertise on the subject.
  • Program will have assessments, use cases, exercises to enable thorough hands-on and practical orientation.
  • Support on setting up the environment on your own laptop/ desktop prior to the program.
  • Access to course videos after course completion.
  • Access to collaborate with peers and co-learners throughout and post the course for a collaborative learning environment.

What is this program about?

This is a training on Scala with Spark. The program has comprehensive training on understanding and introduction to Scala programming with Apache Spark.

How is this program done?

This is a completely online program. An experienced SME will do the theory, demo and hands-on sessions through our web conferencing facility.

Can we communicate, see and ask questions?

Yes this training is done on a web conferencing facility where in both the trainer and students can participate in discussion, Q&A, chat, file sharing etc.,

What all do you provide as part of this training?

All participants will be reference material, practice use cases for hands-on, guidance for setting up the environment on your system for the program.

Post the program all the course videos and material will be available on our learning systems for reference anytime.

While all the other stuff is downloadable the videos will only be accessed on our learning portal. Participants will be given access login details for accessing these.

What is level of the program?

This program begins with the basic concepts in Scala and extends upto advanced concepts in all the modules included.

What is the duration?

This total program is for 24 hours and will be done on weekends (Sat-Sun) at 4 hours/day. So the complete course will be covered over 3 weekends.

Do we have any other dates, timings or weekdays options?

Currently we are offering this workshop on weekends only slot. We will be happy to know your preferences as we have plans for other offerings on time and days. We will surely plan something on the preferred slots and reach back to you.

We are opening multiple calendar for weekdays in various timings fit for both working professionals, students and job for learners of all profiles.

What should I have to attend this program?

All you need is a good system whether laptop or desktop with atleast 4 GB RAM and good memory space. Also connection to internet with good bandwidth/ speed. We will support you on setting up the software required for practice.

How will I access this course?

This course is delivered through our web conferencing tool with audio & video support. You can also access the course material, chat with the trainer, share code file and other stuff.

In fact you can login using your mobile to access the course.


However while logging through mobile you cannot practice. For a good hands-on experience it is recommended to join using a laptop or desktop computer.

What do I need to have on my system for using the web-conference tool?

Nothing it is simple, our tool just needs simple operating system whether it is windows, unix or MAC. You will need other simple tools like MS Office, internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge) and notepad.

Do I need to have any prior experience (or) technology knowledge to join this course?

This course is designed to begin from level 0 (zero). Anybody from beginners to experienced professionals can benefit out of this course.

However, it is recommended that participants should know some programming language like C, C++, Java or .net. Knowledge of databases will also help. Knowledge of OOPS, RDBMS etc. is good to have.

This is only preferred not mandatory

How will I benefit?

Please note that this not a knowledge only program. It is a program designed by professional experts to provide practical learning experience on Scala. The trainer delivering this program comes with an experience of training more than 25 corporates on Scala.

For freshers this program will provide a great platform to understand learn and implement Scala with Apache Hadoop ecosystem.

For job seekers and working professionals this course will be a bridge to new skills on the Scala world and help them seek new career opportunities whether in the current company or elsewhere.

This course will make the participants project ready and interview ready.

Can I get a preview or free trial before joining the course?

For the benefit of participants we will organize a series of 1-hour demo sessions on March 10th and 17th

During these sessions you can get the feel on how the session is delivered, what is covered, initial look at the trainer and all other aspects involved.

How do I enroll and pay the fees?

The fee for this program is 100% in advance payable before commencement of the session. Fees is payable online where in we will share our banking details.

On payment of fee we will share you the receipt confirmation and the session login details.

Where do we get to know more about this program  and your company?

You are welcome to visit our office in Hyderabad or visit our website for more detail about this course or any other courses.

What is your company?

We are TSE, an enterprise learning services company with more than 10 years of experience. We have been working with many global majors on training their employess across technologies. We have now started to use this expertise in providing learning solutions to individuals as well.

We provide classroom, online and digital learning program. We have a unique mentorship program for individuals and groups. Please login to and read about our Mentorship program to understand better.

Do I get any discount for this program?

While the fee is fixed we offer early bird discount for anyone joining in before March 15th We also have group and referral discounts in case you can refer or join in groups.